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Author Translation title Translation language Translator
Milan Jazbec Bazat e dipolomacisë albanščina Nikollë Berishaj
Author: Milan Jazbec
Translation title: Bazat e dipolomacisë
Original title: Osnove diplomacije
Translation language: albanščina
Translator: Nikollë Berishaj
Publisher: KU Victory
Year of publication: 2008
City of publication: Priština
County of publication: Kosovo
Edition: 1. izdaja
Naziv publikacije:
Genre: humanistika
ISBN: 987-9951-495-06-6

Milan Jazbec Ylberi Përtej Shpirtit albanščina Valbona Boshtrakaj
Author: Milan Jazbec
Translation title: Ylberi Përtej Shpirtit
Original title: Mavrica izza duše
Translation language: albanščina
Translator: Valbona Boshtrakaj
Publisher: Gazeta Novinsko izdavačko društvo Skopje
Editor: Haki Selimi
Year of publication: 2017
City of publication: Skopje
County of publication: Makedonija
Edition: 1. izdaja
Naziv publikacije:
Genre: monografski
ISBN: 978-608-4724-04-9

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