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The Portal Closer to Books

The Slovenian book portal Bliž (Closer to Books) was launched in the framework of the project The Central National Book and Magazine Web Portal (Books on the market, cultural magazines, publishing news, a database of published books) or The Portal Books on the Market for short.

The Slovenian Book Agency was the developer of the project, which was co-funded by the European Social Fund and took place from 11th February 2014 to 31st December 2015. Its results are the Slovenian book portal Bliž and the related magazine portal, which comprise part of the measures implemented to increase the accessibility and sales of books and magazines, stabilise the Slovenian book market and implement the Single Price for Books Act provided for in the National Programme for Culture 2014-2017.

The portal Bliž provides book authors with information and promotional support and informs the public in a comprehensive and diverse way about the latest published books, the key participants in the Slovenian book industry, and the developments in the field of books and periodicals. It is our wish that the portal becomes the central Slovenian meeting place for everyone engaged in books, professionally or otherwise.

The portal Bliž is designed in a way that gives equal importance to all book-related activities and supports all participants who pursue a common goal: quality, recognizable, acclaimed, accessible as well as profitable books in Slovenia.