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The Portal

The portal was developed by the Slovenian Book Agency in 2015 in the framework of the project The Portal Books on the Market, which was partially funded by the European Union through the European Social Fund.

The portal increases the accessibility and recognition of Slovenian literary, humanities and other cultural magazines at home and abroad. Through the portal the Slovenian Book Agency provides free space and technical support for the presentation of magazines and their publishers.

The portal functions as an online archive with free access to full issues of magazines. Advanced search options allow the user to perform a more focused and relevant search of the published content for research, pedagogical, study or other purposes.

The portal currently features 28 magazines published with the financial support of the Slovenian Book Agency. Individual issues are made free access six months after publication.

The portal's search engines are integrated with the central Slovenian book portal Bliž, which presents the entire contemporary Slovenian book production and functions as a meeting place for all key participants in the book industry. We intend to integrate the portal with the Digital Library of Slovenia - dLib and the European portals Europeana and Eurozine.