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Volume 1/ December 2016

Dear publishers, editors, readers, promoters of literature, organisers of literary events, friends of Slovenian literature. This is a newsletter conducted by the Slovenian Book Agency with the aim to inform you about prominent and award winning books by Slovenian authors, exciting debut publications, events with Slovenian authors abroad, media coverage of Slovenian publications abroad and interesting stories on Slovenia itself. As we need a helping hand to raise awareness about the richness of the Slovenian book production the Slovenian Book Agency has a series of support arrangements to assist everything from the translation and publication of works to their promotion. We plan to inform you about these opportunities in the newsletters we will send you, and in this first one we stress out the funding opportunity for the German speaking publishing world, since there is a unique supporting scheme for the publication of Slovenian authors in German available now. Read more below ... share the newsletter with friends and keep following us!

Book reviews on Slovenian titles in translation

Boštjan Videmšek: Auf der Flucht Dušan Šarotar: Panorama

The Guardian’s superb review on the novel by Dušan Šarotar entitled PANORAMA (Peter Owen, World Series, 2016), translated by Rawley Grau:
Dušan Šarotar: PANORAMA

On the Run is an excellent non-fiction title by the internationally acclaimed journalist Boštjan Videmšek, now available in German translation: AUF DER FLUCHT: Moderner Exodus ins Gelobte Land (KLAK Verlag, 2016, translated by Andrea Leskovec), TELL - Magazin für Literatur und Zeitgenossenschaft:
Boštjan Videmšek: AUF DER FLUCHT

Available in English by the same author: 21st Century Conflicts: Remnants of War(s)

Boris Pahor, the life optimist who survived concentration camps, gets a new German edition of his most known novel NEKROPOLIS (Berlin Verlag, 2016, translated by Mirela Merku). The German Tageszeitung on the author’s recent performance in the Literaturhaus Berlin:

Slovenian author Goran Vojnović (his novel Yugoslavia, my Fatherland has been translated into 12 languages, including English, German and Spanish) contributed a "holiday story" for the leading German newspaper Die Weltyou can read it on Saturday, 24 December in the Literarische Welt section under the title Jadranka or The Day was Just not Long Enough (Jadranka oder Der Tag war nicht lang genug).
We will make the English translation of the story available in the next newsletter.

Call for Proposals open now!

The Call for Proposals for the translation and publication of books by Slovenian authors in the German language for the year 2017 (referred to as JR12–INJ–2017) is open for applications until 1 February 2017.

In the framework of this call the selected applicants will be awarded a co-financing budget sum for all paper book publications in German which will be published by 30 September 2018.

The eligible works include: adult fiction, biographies/autobiographies, children's and young adult fiction, comics, essays, handbooks, guides or criticism in the fields of culture and human science that are to be published in book (injuncted is the co-financing of school-books and other educational material, science books, exhibition catalogues, cook books and self-help genre).

Eligible applicants are legal persons (publishers) which have their legal seat in Austria, Germany or Switzerland and intend to published the proposed book title of one or more Slovenian authors in the German speaking geographical scope.

Eligible costs of this call are the following:

  • Translation costs SI-DE;
  • Proof reading;
  • Editing;
  • Production costs as cover design and book setting;
  • Printing costs;
  • e-book production/ ePub conversion costs;
  • promotional and marketing activities;
  • book-seller activities.

The applicats can apply for a grant up to €11.000 which should represent a maximum of 50% of the eligible costs.

More information: JR12–INJ–2017

Whale on the Beach: a "young adults" novel to consider

Vinko Moderndorfer

An exciting YA title by the award winning Slovenian novelist and film maker Vinko Möderndorfer.

Click here to watch the book-trailer (for English subtitles click on the icon Podnapisi/Subtitles):
Vinko Möderndorfer: Whale on the Beach (Kit na plaži, 2015)

Additional information on this title:
Mladinska knjiga Publishing house
Senja Požar, Foreign Rights Manager: senja.pozar(at)mkz.si

The author will be touring Germany in February and March 2017 to present his YA novel, translated into German: Wie im Film.
Replete with humour, bitter truths and subtle self-reflections about modern time and space, this suspenseful and smooth-flowing story ultimately offers a surprising denouement with Bruno’s, but also with the reader’s, new, truer view of the world.

You can meet him on 28 February in Berlin (Bibliothek am Luisenbad) - follow our website to stay informed.

Time for poetry: introducing Anja Golob

Anja Golob

Anja Golob (1976) has published four books of poetry so far, three in Slovene, one in German translation, which was very well received by international critics. For her second poetry collection Bent Hang (Vesa v zgibi, 2013) she was awarded the main Slovene poetry prize (the Jenko Prize) in 2014. In September 2016 her third poetry collection Stage Directions to Breathing (Didaskalije k dihanju) was published, for which she received the Jenko Prize for the second time. The collection is already sold out. She lives between Ljubljana and Brussels.

More under: www.anjagolob.org.

The Body is Resting

from the collection Bent Hang, translated by Andrej Pleterski

the body is resting
a body full of sand
a body without organs without limbs without thoughts without
a body sackcloth stuffed with
what others have said                                                                                      
a body a membrane
a boundless yet intangible border                                                                
an outline lacking every value
assigning meanings and sense to everything beyond itself
a place everything distinguishes from
yet only insofar as it exists as a place though empty
a sketch of a form letting water through                                            
neither itself nor the stars nor chapters nor the soil
a body an elastic means of wittily knotted bones
a tarpaulin of passion an insect in the machinery
a dog licking itself
entirely automatically
the body is resting
and there is no force persistent enough to make it move
no water mighty enough
no enough watery air
a body a sharp note in the constellation of time
the only one to crackle the sound on its own
rip the air undulate the water cut the force
the point setting into motion all others while staying perfectly still itself
like a proto-atom in the Democritus’ box
this beautiful place of pure nothingness
only pretending to mean something

From a review by Jürgen Brôcan at fixpoetry.com on 26 May 2015:
ʺAnja Golob has written one of many perfect poems of simplistic magnificence that deserve to be included in the anthology of world poetry. Moreover, it is poems like this one that could help Slovene, a language often overseen amidst other European languages, to make a lasting impression, reminding ʺworld languagesʺ of their overly expressed self importance

Holiday Greetings


May there be enough time to read all the exciting books you will encounter in 2017!


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