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About the Database

The database of translations is an electronic database of translations of literary works by Slovenian authors into foreign languages, which is constantly being updated.

All users are requested to help update the database by correcting potential errors. You can send corrections of existing translation entries by clicking Noticed an error? next to an entry. An electronic message will appear containing information about the work, where you can enter your corrections.

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Author Translation title Translation language Translator
Vlado Kreslin Prokockani sat hrvaščina Marina Vujčić, Ivan Sršen
Author: Vlado Kreslin
Translation title: Prokockani sat
Original title: Zakartana ura
Translation language: hrvaščina
Translator: Marina Vujčić, Ivan Sršen
Publisher: Sandorf
Editor: Ivan Sršen
Year of publication: 2019
City of publication: Zagreb
County of publication: Hrvaška
Edition: 1. izdaja
Naziv publikacije:
Genre: Neposredni
ISBN: 978-953-351-189-4

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