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Tenders and Public Calls

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Tenders and Calls

29. 09.


Tender validity: 21. 10.
Status: Arhiv

Public tender for sample translations and translations into foreign languages for 2013 (JR9-PVP-2013)

The subject, goals and scope of the public tender
The subject of the public tender JR9-PVP-2013 is the financial support of sample translations and translations into foreign languages.

The public tender JR9-PVP-2013 covers the following two areas:
a) sample translations into foreign languages (VP)
b) translations into foreign languages (P)

The applicants must hand in their complete application by the set deadline by registered post; or in person every working day between 10 and 12 a.m. at the address: Slovenian Book Agency, Tržaška c. 2, 1000 Ljubljana.

The application must be handed in in a sealed envelope that bears the inscription "DO NOT OPEN - JR9-PVP-2013P" on its front. The back of the envelope must contain the legal name and address (headquarters) of the applicant.

The application is complete if it is handed in in its physical and electronic form. The electronic version should be sent to the e-address programi.ms@jakrs.si in a text document (e.g. MS Word, Open Office). The subject of the e-mail should include the name of the applicant and the name of the public tender.
he public tender applications begin on September 29, 2013 and end on  October 21, 2013.


Resaults for sample translations.
Resaults for translations into foreign languages.

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