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Tenders and Calls

16. 12.


Tender validity: 01. 02.
Status: Arhiv

This is a summary of the public call. To view the whole text click on the link of the call (above).

The Slovenian Book Agency herewith publishes the Call for Proposals for the translation and publication of books by Slovenian authors in the German language for the year 2017 (referred to as JR12–INJ–2017)[1]

1. Name and Adress of the Call orderer
Slovenian Book Agency/Javna agencija za knjigo Republike Slovenije (JAK), Metelkova 2b, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

2. The main objectives of the Call
The objective of the Call is the selection of applicants for the co-financing of the translation and publication of books by Slovenian authors in the German language for the year 2017.

3. Priorities of the Call and its limitations regarding the number of selected co-financed applicants
The Slovenian Book Agency (JAK) will support the proposed projects of publications in accordance with the following long-term priorities and objectives:

  • Support for the first publications of original Slovenian works in the German language;
  • Support for translators from Slovenian into German;
  • Support the promotion and enforcement of Slovenian authors and their works abroad;
  • Encourage the translation and promotion of Slovenian literature in the long term.

The Book Agency (JAK) will in the scope of this Call co-finance maximum one (1) book publication per applicant.

4. The co-financing time frame and Eligibility criteria of the Call
In the framework of this call the selected applicants will be awarded a co-financing budget sum for all paper book publications which will be published by 30 September 2018.

In the framework of this call we will co-finance the translation and publication of Slovenian authors in the German language. The proposed works must not have been previously translated into the German language. 

The eligible works include: adult fiction, biographies/autobiographies, children's and young adult fiction, comics, essays, handbooks, guides or criticism in the fields of culture and human science that are to be published in book (injuncted is the co-financing of school-books and other educational material, science books, exhibition catalogues, cook books and self-help genre).

Eligible applicants are legal persons (publishers) which have their legal seat in Austria, Germany or Switzerland and intend to published the proposed book title of one or more Slovenian authors in the German speaking geographical scope.

5. Financial value of the Call JR12–INJ–2017, the execution of the co-financing procedures, the eligible time-frame of the co-financed budget use and possible changes or cancellations of the co-financing agreement.
The estimated value of the public tender JR12–INJ–2017 is 65.000,00 EUR.

6. Budget and eligible costs
Eligible costs of this call are the following:

  • Translation costs SI-DE;
  • Proof reading;
  • Editing;
  • Production costs as cover design and book setting;
  • Printing costs;
  • e-book production/ ePub conversion costs;
  • promotional and marketing activities;
  • book-seller activities.

The value of costs considered eligible are those costs shown on an invoice or other appropriate accounting documents.

The applicats can apply for a grant up to €11.000 which should represent a maximum of 50% of the eligible costs.

Summary from THE TARIFF for the services conducted by the Slovenian Book Agency

This tariff establishes the system for determining the service charge and the return of expenditure, which is paid by the legal person (henceforth: applicant) when applying to a tender or a public call.

The applicant pays the amount 25.00 € to the benefit of the: 
Slovenian Book Agency, 
Metelkova 2b, 
1000 Ljubljana,
open at the: 
Public Payments Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, 
IBAN: SI5601100-6000027474, 

The tariff is paid by the applicant in Euros. The applicant ensures that the Slovenian Book Agency receives the entire appropriate amount. The Slovenian Book Agency uses a non-cash payment procedure. All payment-related bank costs are paid by the applicant.


[1] The legally binding text of the public call is only the original Slovenian text.

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