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Tenders and Calls

06. 04.


Tender validity: 07. 05.
Status: Arhiv

Public tender for translations into foreign languages (JR4–P–2018)
This text is an excerpt from the full text of the public tender, which is published only in Slovenian. Legally binding is only original Slovenian text.

The public tender JR4–P–2018 covers the following field:

  • translations into foreign languages (P)

The goal and purpose of the public tender is support for the first translation of works, originaly written in Slovenian language, into foreign languages.

The eligible texts include adult fiction, children's and young adult fiction, essays or criticism in the fields of culture and humanities that are to be published in book form or performed by a theatre company abroad.

Eligible applicants are legal persons (publishers, theaters) who intend to ensure the publication or performance of the first translation of works, originaly written in Slovenian language, abroad.

The Slovenian Book Agency (JAK) will support the proposed projects of publications in accordance with the following long-term priorities and objectives:

  • Support for translation of works, originaly written in Slovenian language, into foreign languages;
  • Support the promotion and enforcement of Slovenian authors and their works abroad;
  • Support for translators from Slovenian into foreign languages;

The estimated value of the public tender JR4–P–2018 is 108.000,00 EUR.
Eligible costs include costs for the original work of the translator.

JAK will offer a support of up to 100 percent of all eligible costs for a project applied and up to 10,000.00 EUR for a project applied.

The applicant is not allowed to receive financing from other sources for the amount of the costs that are subject of co-financing and have been claimed from JAK as eligible costs, (the prohibition of double financing applies) [1]. If JAK establishes that the applicant has received funding from other sources or that funds have been granted for the same eligible costs, the contract on funding can be canceled, and the beneficiary will be obliged to repay to JAK all amounts unduly paid including the relevant interest accumulated from the date of payment until the date of repayment. 

Funds granted within the framework of this tender should be used in 2018 or within the payment deadlines that will be determined by the current law on budget implementation of the Republic of Slovenia and the grant agreement.

JAK reserves the right not to distribute all funds available.

In the first phase of implementing the public tender the Book Agency (JAK) will verify the applicant’s qualification, in the second phase the relevant expert committee will evaluate the applications based on the criteria of the tender and, based in these evaluations, JAK will issue its decision on the applicants selected for grants for 2018 and the amount of funds granted for the selected book publishing projects.

If JAK, based on regular or exceptional checks of the co-financed cultural project discovers that the chosen book publishing project has, either in its entirety or partially, not been carried out, or that the execution is inconsistent with the submitted application or contract, inadequate or at an insufficient level, that the actual cost of the project differs from the documentation enclosed with the application or the entered contract on co-financing a cultural project, or that the applicant has not fulfilled other obligations speculated by the contract, JAK can demand a partial or complete return of the funds already paid out including any statutory interest rates and can cut funding for the project chosen from the public tender for proposals.

If during the implementation of the procedures of this public tender for proposals the amount of funds allocated in the state budget for JAK’s co-financing is reduced to the extent that it no longer guarantees the fulfilment of the objectives of the public tender for proposals, JAK reserves the right to stop the process of the public tender and in cases of already issued decisions issue replacement decisions with which it appropriately amends the level of financing cultural projects or changes or interrupts any contracts on co-funding cultural projects already entered.

All risks in implementing the cultural project prior to a decision being issued and the contract on co-financing the selected cultural project being signed are born by the applicant.

The general conditions for the participationThe applicants shall meet the following general conditions:

  • they shall observe all contractual obligations and shall have no further liabilities to JAK at the time of the application;
  • they shall permit the publication of personal data for the purpose of publishing the results of the public tender on the JAK website, in agreement with Public Information Access Act (Uradni list RS, št. 51/06-UPB2) and Personal Data Protection Act (Uradni list RS, št. 94/07-UPB1);
  • they shall be the only applicant submitting the application for this project in the public tender JR4–P–2018;
  • they shall apply to the public tender JR4–P–2018 only once with this project;
  • they shall take into account the definition of the field referred to in point 4 and that they shall take into the account goals of the field referred to in point 3 of the public tender JR4–P–2018;
  • they shall have no limitation of operations on the basis of the Integrity and Prevention of Corruption Act (Uradni list RS, št. 69/11-UPB);
  • the application shall be turned in by an eligible person, it shall be turned in by the due date and in agreement with the instructions specified in article 10 of this tender;
  • they shall agree to cooperate in supplying credible information and substantive and financial documentation, and shall undertake to cooperate in carrying out substantive and financial control;
  • they shall commit themselves to repay a part or all of the funds at the request of JAK if JAK determines any inappropriate use of funds or overpayment of the share of eligible costs specified in the ruling and the contract in the control procedures.

The applicant states in the application form that he meets all this conditions. If JAK subsequently demands original statements on the fulfilment of any of the stated conditions, the applicant must provide them in due time.

The special conditions for the participationThe applicants shall meet also the following special conditions:

  • they shall be legal persons who who intend to ensure the publication or performance of the first translation of works, originaly written in Slovenian language, abroad;
  • they shall enclose a letter of intent or a contract between the translator and a legal person with a registered office abroad who will publish or perform the work being applied for into other foreign languages, with the expected date of publication or performance no later than 31 August 2020;
  • they shall enclose a written statement or any other document proving that the right holder agrees with the translation and the use of the translation as stated in the public tender;
  • the translated work which is being applied for shall not be published in book form before 31 December 2017 and shall be the first translation of the full work being applied for into the language stated in the application;
  • the translation shall be published or performed by the deadline stated in the letter of intent or in the contract with the publisher or theatre company and no later than 31 August 2020;
  • they have not received any other funds for the costs subject to the co-funding and which they claim as eligible costs with the Slovenian Book Agency;
  • they shall request funds in the amount of up to 100 percent of the eligible costs and up to 10,000.00 EUR of the eligible costs for the project being applied for;
  • they shall apply for a cultural project that is financially balanced, which means that the revenues shall be equal to the expenditures of the project being applied for (revenues = expenditures).

Maximum two (2) translations per translator will be chosen for the support in the course of the public tender JR4–P–2018.

The criteria for the evaluation of the applications 


The criteria

Maximum points


The references of the publisher/theatre company and the estimated impact of the translation



The references of the literary work and its author/authors



The references of the translator, the scope of his or her translation work or the proven quality of his or her translations



Direct translation 1 point, indirect translation 0 points



Priority criterion – translation of the work, which was translated by a translator during JAK translation seminar



Total points


The use of the criteria
Applications will be evaluated in regards to the award criteria by the appropriate evaluation committee at the JAK.
The projects chosen for financial support will be those that will be given higher scores in the procedure of evaluation. The highest possible score for a project is 50 points. Projects eligible for financial support must achieve at least 33 points. In case that the total amount of financial support for approved cultural projects, which have reached the minimum threshold of 33 points, exceed the value of the public tender, financial support will be given to projects with the highest score. The amount of approved funds for a cultural project depends on the extent and financial complexity of the cultural project, and assets intended for the call for proposals with the selected cultural projects not being judged in comparison as far as the level of approved funding in relation to the number of points received.

The deadline for the public tender and the process of application
The application consists of the filled-in application form and must include all mandatory enclosures and data as defined in the public tender documentation.

All documentation of the public tender for proposals JR4–P–2018 is available of the website of the Slovenian Book Agency at www.jakrs.si/en/, and interested parties can also pick this documentation up in person at the Book Agency's main office every weekday between 10am and 12 am.

The application is submitted on time if JAK receives it before the deadline for submission of applications. If an application is sent by registered mail, the date JAK considers the date of receipt of the application is the date of posting. The same applies for electronic applications which must be received by JAK before the deadline for submitting applications.

The applicants must hand in their complete application by the set deadline by registered post; or in person every working day between 10 and 12 a.m. at the address: Slovenian Book Agency, Metelkova 2b, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The application must be handed in in a sealed envelope that bears the inscription »DO NOT OPEN – JR4–P–2018« on its front. The back of the envelope must contain the legal name and address (headquarters) of the applicant.

The application is complete if it is handed in in its physical and electronic form. The electronic version should be sent to the e-address programi.ms@jakrs.si in a text document (e.g. MS Word, Open Office). The subject of the e-mail should include the name of the applicant and the name of the public tender.

The public tender applications begin on April 6 2018 and end on May 7 2018.

When the applicant hands in the application, he or she agrees with all the conditions and criteria of the public tender JR4–P–2018.

The applicants must hand in the complete documentation of the public tender JR4–P–2018, which includes the following mandatory enclosures:

  • Fullfilled application form (dated, signed and stamped);
  • Proof that the tariff has been paid (in accordance with the provisions of the Tariff on the implementation of the services of the Public Book Agency of the Republic of Slovenia (UL RS - Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, Nos. 04/13 and 50/14);
  • A letter of intent or the contract between the translator and a legal person with a registered office abroad who will publish or perform the work that is being applied for, along with the expected date of realization no later than August 31, 2020;
  • A written statement or any other document, which proofs that the right holder agrees with translation and the use of translation as stated in the public tender;
  • An up-to-date portfolio/catalogue of the publisher.

Summary from THE TARIFF for the services conducted by the Slovenian Book Agency
This tariff establishes the system for determining the service charge and the return of expenditure, which is paid by the legal person (henceforth: user) when applying to a tender or a public.

The user pays the amount 25.00 € to the benefit of the:
Slovenian Book Agency,
Metelkova 2b, 
1000 Ljubljana, 

open at the: 
Public Payments Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, 
IBAN: SI5601100-6000027474, 

With the payment reference: SI 00 30032018 and payment purpose: tariff JR4-P-2018.

The tariff is paid by the user. It is paid in Euros. The user ensures that the Slovenian Book Agency receives the entire appropriate amount. The Slovenian Book Agency uses a non-cash payment procedure. All payment-related bank costs are paid by the user.


For all additional information, contact:
Katja Stergar, (: +386 1/369 58 27, +: katja.stergar(at)jakrs.si
Head office of the Slovenian Book Agency (: +386 1/369 58 20, +: gp.jakrs(at)jakrs.si
After May 1 – Jana Bales, (: +386 1/369 58 27, +: jana.bales(at)jakrs.si


[1] The mentioned limitation does not imply that the applicants cannot combine various (public) grants to close their budget. However, when handing in the financial claim to JAK, you cannot claim the same receipt or part of the receipt that is being claimed with another financer (EU, Traduki…).

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