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Slovenian Literature in Translation – What’s New?

If you thought the rights market for Slovenian books stopped during the pandemic, think again! Many new deals and published books in no less than ten languages are listed below:


New deals

Vinko Möderndorfers epic historical novel Druga preteklost (1000 pages!) will be published by Residenz Verlag in German language. Three of his YA books - Kot v filmu, Jaz sem Andrejand Kit na plaži will be published in Russia by Strecoza and Mif. Kit na plaži will aslo be published in Macedonian by Publisher publishing center.

Marta Bartolj’s wordless picture book will be published by Chronicle Books in US under the title One Small Kindness.

Vladimir Bartol’s global bestseller Alamut will be published in Chinese by Beijing Book Search Cultural Communication.

Drago Jančar's latest novel In ljubezen tudi, for which he received the Austrian state prize, will be published in Italian by La nave di Teseo.

Katja Perat's debut novel Mazohistka will be published in Italian by Voland Edizioni.

Tadej Golob’s bestselling crime novel Jezero, which was also adapted to a successful TV-series will be published in Macedonian by Čudna šuma.

Dino Bauk's best debut of the year novel Konec. Znova will be published in Italian by Bottega errante.

Bronja Žakelj's bestselling novel of the year 2018 Belo se pere na devetdeset – will be published in Macedonian by Ars lamina.

Jela Krečič's novel Ni druge will be published in German by Mitteldeutscher Verlag.

Majda Koren's children's book Skuhaj mi pravljico will be published in Turkish by Nar Publishing

Jana Bauer's children's book Kako prestrašiti pošast will be published by Paike ja Pilv in Estonian and by Ibis grafika in Croatian.

Ida Mlakar's children's book Tu blizu živi deklica will be published in Croatian by Ibis grafika.

Rok Vilčnik's theatre plays Drame will be published in Serbian by Treći trg.

Evald Flisar’s novel Poglej skozi okno will be published in Croatian by Ibis grafika and in German by Hermagoras in Klagenfurt, Austria. His most translated novel, Čarovnikov vajenec, will be published in Tamil language by Kalachuvadu Publishers in Chennai, India, and his book Na zlati obali will be published in Czech by Vetrne Mlyny.

Miha Mazzini’s novel Izbrisana, which was also adapted to movie, will be published in German by Edition Converso, which will also publish Maja Gal Štromar'sMisli name, ko ti je lepo.

Eva Markun’s short story collection Menažerija will be published in German by Maliverlag.

Nataša Bucik’s childrens’ book, illustrated by Ana Zavadlav (she was selected for The Illustrators Exhibition in Bologna 2019), Kukujeve igrarije will be published by Breitschopf in Austria. An illustrated edition of Martin Krpan (Slovenian tale) by Tone Kralj will also be published in Austria by Mohorjeva – Hermagoras publishing house.

Suzana Tratnik‘s YA novel Ime mi je Damjan has recently been sold to Black Flamingo publishing house from Bulgaria, where also Zelišča male čarovnice by Polonca Kovač and Ančka Gošnik Godec – one a legend among Slovenian children’s books authors, the other among illustrators - will be published by Emas Publishing.


New books

A comic book about an incredible persona – the first female world traveller to travel the world solo and a writer – Alma M. Karlin, was just published by bahoe books in German language, translated by an awarded translator Erwin Köstler, under the title Alma M. Karlin. Weltbürgerin aus der Provinz.

Alma M. Karlin is experiencing a real comeback 70 years after her death – her first ever biography in German language, written by her biographer Jerneja Jezernik, was also published recently under the title Alma M. Karlin. Mit Bubikopf und Schreibmachine um die Welt at Drava publishing house.

After the German and Polish translation of the cult Slovenian alpine classic Pot by Nejc Zaplotnik (1952-1983), the first Slovenian to climb Mount Everest, Italian readers can now enjoy the book too. It was translated by Dušan Jelinčič and published by Versante Sud.

Manica K. Musil’s sewn picturebookStan the Elephanthas been published in English translation by Jason Blake at Windmill Books (Rosen Publishing).

Two books by Slovenian superstar illustrator Lila Prap were published in Belgium by Alice Editions lately: Ptiči and Pasji zakaji.