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A Cosmopolitan Woman Meets A Mexicano – Two Slovenian Graphic Novels Say 'Hello' To Vienna

On 28 October 2016, the Viennese cultural staple Literaturhaus Wien (Seidengasse 13) will host the opening of the exhibition Alma & Anton: Svetovljanka sreča Meksikajnarja – Alma & Anton: A Cosmopolitan Woman Meets A Mexicano, where comic book artists and graphic novelists Jakob Klemenčič and Zoran Smiljanić – with storybook writer Marijan Pušavec in tow – will unveil two graphic novels by Alma M. Karlin, Svetovljanka iz province (A Provincial Cosmopolitan Woman) and Meksikajnarji (Mexicanos) to the fans of the genre.

A Cosmopolitan Woman Meets A Mexicano

The exhibition will be opened by the Slovenian Minister of Culture, Mr Anton Peršak. The event will feature a discussion with comic book artist and graphic novelist Zoran Smiljanić and storybook writer Marijan Pušavec. The director of the Caricature Museum in Krems, Mr Gottfried Gusenbauer, will interview the guests. The debate will revolve around the exhibited graphic novels and the state of the Slovenian comic book and graphic novel scene. Artist Jakob Klemenčič is scheduled to draw postcards with the caricatures of the interested visitors.

The exhibition Alma & Anton: Svetovljanka sreča Meksikajnarja - Alma & Anton: A Cosmopolitan Woman Meets A Mexicano features two graphic novels, both historically and culturally linked to the Austrian realm. Alma M. Karlin: Svetovljanka iz province (Alma M. Karlin: A Provincial Cosmopolitan Woman - art: Jakob Klemenčič, story: Marijan Pušavec) is a story about world traveller and writer Alma M. Karlin, the first woman ever to travel the entire world by herself after World War I. Alma M. Karlin was born in 1889 in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and died in Ex-Yugoslavia in 1950. The episodic graphic novel Meksikajnarji (Mexicanos - art: Zoran Smiljanić, story: Marijan Pušavec) is a story about the futile feat of emperor Maximilian I of Mexico, a member of the House of Habsburg and younger brother of Austrian emperor Francis Joseph I. The story is narrated from the point of view of a Slovenian soldier, who fights in Mexico as a volunteer in the Habsburg Imperial Army.

The exhibition will be open until 16 November 2016.

Homepage of the Literaturhaus Wien: www.literaturhaus.at