New Translations and Events with Slovenian Authors this autumn

An English translation of Dušan Šarotar’s Billards at the Hotel Dobray and Dino Bauk’s The End. And Again., a Dutch translation of Drago Jančar’s And Love itself as well as some new children’s books in German language. Check out the autumn highlights of Slovenian literature abroad.

We’re happy to announce three new translations into English language: Dušan Šarotar’s Billards at the Hotel Dobray (translated by Rawley Grau) and Dino Bauk’s The End. And Again. (translated by Timothy Pogačar) were published recently by Istros Books. Both authors presented their books in London and Oxford in late October. A selection of Esad Babačić’s poetry was published by Dalkey Archive Press under the title Every Child is Beautiful When Born (translated by Andrej Pleterski).

By the end of the year a reprint of Boštjans Flug will be published by Suhrkamp – a cult book by Florjan Lipuš, the first Slovenian author (member of Slovenian minority in Austria) to receive the Grand Austrian State Prize (2018). The book will be updated with an afterword by Peter Handke.

A Dutch translation of Drago Jančar’s And Love itself has just been published by Querido publishing house under the title En ook de Liefde (translated by Roel Schuyt). The author talked about the book at an event in Passa Porta in Brussels in late October. A Bulgarian edition of the book was published as well: translated by Tomova Ganchev and published by Matkom.

A French translation of the Red Allert under the title Alerte Rouge by Tomaž Lavrič, a cult comic book about Ljubljana’s punk rock youth alternative scene of the eighties has just been published in French by Editions çà et là. It was translated by Zdenka Štimac.

Three new Spanish translations of Slovenian poetry were just published by Casa de Poesia: Casa by Kaja Teržan (translated by Marjeta Drobnič and Martín Delta), Obsesión by Brane Mozetič (translated by Marjeta Drobnič, Pablo Fajdiga and Santiago Martín) and Contribución a la teoría del Desarrollo by Tone Škerjanec (translated by Barbara Pregelj and Francisco Tomsich).

The Harvest of Chronos by Mojca Kumerdej has been published in Croatian translation by Fraktura. The book was translated by Anita Peti-Stantić. A Polish translation of Yugoslavia, my Fatherland by Goran Vojnović was published by Sedno publishing house under the title Moja Jugosławia, translated by Joanna Pomorska. A Ukranian translation of Aleš Šteger’s Absolution was published by Old Lion publishing house. The book was translated by Mariana Klymets and Nataliya Khoroz.

A German edition of a silent book by Marta Bartolj Where are you? Has just been published by the swiss Baeschlin Verlag. The book was listed in the White Ravens Catalogue 2019. We are also expecting a German edition of a classic Slovenian children’s book in the next days – the Sleeper Keeper Kitty by Ela Peroci, illustrated by Ančka Gošnik Godec. The Pantoffelmieze will be published by Leiv – Leipziger Kinderbuchverlag, 2019.

There will be an exhibition by the Slovenian illustrator Jure Engelsberger at W3 Gallery in London from 13 to 18 November. Engelsberger will exhibit illustrations from the book Prvotnost by Feri Lainšček.