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22. 03. 2017

Featured Author: Suzana Tratnik - Bingo or Life!

This Young Adults/crossover novel by Slovenian writer Suzana Tratnik (b. 1963), a multiple literary award winner, was recently released in Slovenian. The author will be present at the Leipzig Book Fair, introducing her novel (some years after her success with the German translation of the novel My Name is Damian) to audiences at the fairground and in the city.

Find a sample translation in the link and an invitation to the novel presentation on Thursday March 23rd at 17.00!

Mia, sixteen, is growing up in a small, dull town, with a mom who would do anything to force her into taking a job. Her father is absent, although he does occasionally appear and fill her head with empty promises and dreams of a better future. Through a period rife with disappointment - over school, choosing an occupation, parents, friend and boyfriends - Mia needs to realise on her own which path to choose for herself and who she can count on in life. Her search for answers, which ultimately leads to surprising discoveries, will also prove a great read for those who left their teenage years behind long ago.


20. 03. 2017

Slovenian events at this year's Leipzig Book Fair (23-26 March 2017)

The Leipzig Book Fair starts on Wednesday, 23 March 2017. We kindly invite all interested literature aficionados to visit events with Slovenian authors at the fair and throughout the city of Leipzig as part of the "Leipzig liest" festival. You can find the Slovenian national stand at the Fair in Hall 4.0., D503.

Hall 4.0 in close proximity to the Slovenian booth will feature a comic art/graphic novel exhibition titled Alma M. Karlin Svetovljanka iz province (Alma M. Karlin: A Provincial Cosmopolitan Woman artist: Jakob Klemenčič, story: Marijan Pušavec, Forum, 2015).



Thursday, 23 March, 5:00 PM (17:00) – Club naTo

Suzana Tratnik and Maike Nedo will discuss the author’s most recent novel Tombola ali življenje (Bingo or Life), published by the Mladinska knjiga publishing house. The discussion will also revolve around Tratnik’s novel Ime mi je Damjan (My name is Damian), which was also published in German (Mein Name ist Damian) by the Milena Verlag in 2005. Students from two local grammar schools are scheduled to interpret excerpts from Suzana Tratnik’s novels live on stage.

Thursday, 23 March, 8:00 PM (20:00) – Kaiserbad

Colloquial evening of the Traduki Network featuring Jože Pirjevec, Dino Bauk, Dragan Velikić, Ethem...