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  • Co-financing books and magazines
  • The public lending right and grants
  • Increasing the accessibility of books
  • Book and magazine portals
  • Promoting electronic publishing
  • Single Price for Books Act

International Cooperation

  • Participating in international book fairs
  • Promotional materials
  • Publishing works by Slovenian authors with foreign publishing houses
  • Artist-in-residence grants abroad
  • International Slovenian literature translation seminar

Reading Promotion in Slovenia

  • Co-financing literary events and the development of reading culture
  • Co-financing bookshop cultural programmes
  • Reading and book promotion campaigns
  • Professional training in the field of books

17. 12. 2018

New Translations of Slovenian Literature – upcoming highlights

In 2018 the Slovenian Book Agency supported 62 translations from Slovenian into 23 foreign languages. The top 5 languages for translations were German, Croatian, English, Czech and Italian. The 2019 tenders for support of translation and publication will be available from March on - we'll keep you updated!

On 11th December we commemorated 100th death anniversary of Ivan Cankar, one of the most important Slovenian authors of all times, a modernist in the European literary tradition. The date marks the end of the so called Cankar’s year in Slovenia, which was celebrated through numerous new publications of his works and events. He is considered to be the author whose works capture the prevailing trends of his time perfectly but possess contemporary resonance too.

On this occasion an English translation of Cankar’s Images from Dreams translated by Erica Johnson Debeljak and Jasmin B. Frelih was published in the book series Litteræ Slovenicæ by the Slovene Writers’ Association. The book, which comes in a beautiful gift-edition, also contains paintings by Mitja Ficko.

There are two books in English language coming up in early 2019: a new book by Boštjan Videmšek, a long-time war reporter for Slovenia’s leading daily newspaper Delo, Dispatches from the frontlines of humanity: A book of...