Every Story Matters – making books more inclusive

From November 1st, Slovenian Book Agency is a part of the project Every Story Matters – making books more inclusive, which is financially supported by the Creative Europe programme. Besides the Slovenian Book Agency, four other partner organizations will take part in the three-year project led by the Flemish Fund for Literature:  Acesso Cultura, Associação Cultural (PT), Bluedar (DE), Mediart International (HR) in Stichting ROSE (NL).

The goal of ESM is to increase the creation, availability and promotion of inclusive books for children and young adults in the EU and by doing so engage a broader and more divers reading audience. The project aims to nurture the cultural sensitivity of all young European citizens, while also handing book professionals (e.g. publishers, librarians …) the tools and strategies needed to become more inclusive. ESM wants to stimulate the creative potential of talents who are traditionally left out of scope through a talent development programme.

The project will officially begin with the conference Every Story Matters and a partners' meeting of the organizations in Lisbon on November 18-19 2019. Various lecturers will present the practices of challenging stereotypes in the society and present their own specific projects.

We invite everyone interested to apply:


In the scope of the project the Slovenian Book Agency will organize an international book-pitch/B2B event at the Bologna Children's Book Fair in 2020. An invitation to interested publishers will follow soon.

Contact: katja.stergarping@jakrspong.si or nika.kovac@jakrs.si