From Record-breaking Bestsellers to Radical New Book-forms: Awarded Slovenian Books 2019

There is a number of awards annually handed out to literary creators, from the Kresnik Award for best Slovene novel (bestowed by the newspaper publisher Delo) and the Kritiško Sito Prize (bestowed by the Slovene Literary Critics Association), to the Rožanc Award for the best collection of essays, the Veronika Award and the Jenko Award for the best poetry collections, and the Desetnica, Večernica and Levstik Awards for best children’s and young adult literature.

Here is a short overview of awarded books in 2019.

Kresnik Award (best novel of the year): Bronja Žakelj: Belo se pere na devetdeset (Whites Wash at Ninety, Beletrina publishing house, rights-contact:

– a warm, witty and moving story about loss, mourning and recovery as well as the absolute bestseller of 2019!

Veronika Award (best poetry collection of the year): Alenka Jovanovski: Tisoč osemdeset stopinj (Thousand Eighty Degrees, Center for Slovenian Literature, rights-contact:

– “One of the ground breaking poetry collections in contemporary Slovenian poetry” – Koridor magazine

Jenko Award (best poetry collection of the last two years): Kaja Teržan: Krog (Circle, Center for Slovenian Literature, rights-contact:

– “A poetry collection full of rare courage to explore the unknown.” – from the award justification

Novo mesto Short (best short story collection): Vesna Lemaić: Dobrodošli (Wellcome, Cankarjeva založba, rights-contact:

– “Short and even shorter stories by Vesna Lemaić let the situations themselves talk: that is when they cut with the painful irony of the experience.” – from the award justification

Rožanc Award (best collection of essays): Marcel Štefančič, jr.: Ivan Cankar (UMco, rights-contact:

– essays about one of the most important Slovenian authors of all times, Ivan Cankar: “[Marcel Štefančič] has proven once again that he is a master of literature, film, critique of capitalism, analysis of Slovenianhood and so much more.” – Slovenian national radio ARS

Desetnica Award (best children’s or youth literary work): Andrej Rozman Roza: Pesmi iz galerije (Poems from the Gallery, Narodna galerija)

  • “Youngsters and their parents, both will smile while reading this book while refreshing their school knowledge at the same time.” – from the award justification

Večernica Award (best new literary work for young readers): Andrej E. Skubic: Babi nima več telefona (Grandma doesn’t have a Phone anymore, Mladinska knjiga, rights-contact:

  • “A wonderful story about empathy among youngsters and a sensitive confrontation with death of a significant other.” – from the award justification

Book of the Year Award (awarded by the visitors of the Slovenian Book Fair 2019): Eva Mahkovic (text) and Eva Mlinar (illustrations): Vinjete straholjubca (Vignettes of the Fear-lover, VigeVageKnjige, rights-contact:

  • “An intimate and provocative manifestation of how lucid ideas by two authors can interlace” – from the award justification

Best Debut Book of the Year: Jakob J. Kenda: Apalaška pot (Appalachian Trail, ISPO publishing house, rights-contact:

  • “Erudite and extremely readable book at the same time.” – from the award justification