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German and Slovenian dramaturgs met “eye-to-eye“ at the Maribor Theatre Festival

The Slovenian Book Agency (JAK) organized a round table discussion with German and Slovenian dramaturgs in collaboration with dramaturge and translator Urška Brodar and the legendary Maribor Theatre Festival. JAK aspires to strengthen the ties between the German and Slovenian cultural sphere in all art-related fields.

After a string of informal gatherings, the German and Slovenian dramaturgs finnaly met in an offficial capacity during the central festival event, a round table discussion titled “Eye-to-Eye with Dramaturgs”, which took place on Saturday, 21 October 2017 at Hotel Maribor in its namesake city. The guests – Stefan Bläske, Uwe Gössel, and Johanna Höhmann representing Germany and homecountry representatives Alja Predan, Simona Semenič, and moderator Urška Brodar – shared their takes on various interesting topics and also engaged in conversation with members of the (predominately expert) audience.


Mementoes from the round table discussion are featured below.
Photo: 52nd Maribor Theatre Festival / Matej Kristovič & Boštjan Lah