Slovenia to be Guest of Honour at children's book fair in Italy

Slovenia will be the Guest of Honour at the Bologna Children's Book Fair in 2021. A contract to that effect was signed in Bologna on 25th March by the director of the Slovenian Book Agency, Renata Zamida, and the fair's director, Elena Pasoli.

This signature marks the start of Slovenia's preparations for 2021 appearance at the fair, which will influence the already lively field of Slovenian children's and youth literature in the next years. Renata Zamida on Slovenia's vison and preparations for the Guest of Honour role: »Our presence at the Bologna Book Fair is a natural continuation of our international efforts. We are happy to reach this agreement relatively fast and that the interest was mutual. We wish to create our Bologna programme in cooperation with all stakeholders of the book chain and of the broader cultural sphere, as well as in cooperation with tourism, economy and diplomacy. This is a project on a national level and an opportunity, which doesn't come around twice. Through both large international projects in the next years – there is a guest appearance coming up at the Frankfurt Book Fair a year after Bologna – we at the Slovenian Book Agency most of all wish to bring new enthusiasm and optimism to Slovenian publishers«.

»We are very much looking forward to Slovenia's appearance at the fair with the country being famous for its high-quality tradition of illustration. I know a couple of excellent Slovenian illustrators – this year Andreja Peklar was present at our curated exhibition, there is also the wonderful Alenka Sottler and I'm looking forward to meeting many more«, said Elena Pasoli at the signature of the contract.

This year like every year Slovenia was present with a national stand but also in the frame of some international events and exhibitions. To name just one: Slovenian illustrator Andreja Peklar was selected by a jury as one of 80 illustrators from 25 countries to be exhibited at the great Illustrators Exhibition, a showcase for the latest trends in illustration and talent spotting new artists, which is one of the most prestigious selections of its kind in the world since its beginning in 1967.

Moreover, a book by Peter Svetina Ropotarna, illustrated by Damijan Stepančič (Miš publishing house, 2012) made it to the list of the 2018 Hans Christian Andersen Award Jury, a list of outstanding works that merit translation everywhere, so that children around the world can read them.

Read here an article in English where Peter Svetina and his work is presented in detail: Outside any mould