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Slovenian Authors Published Abroad – 2018 Autumn Highlights

Goran Vojnović’s Fig tree, translated by Klaus Detlef Olof, was published by Folio Verlag under the title Unter dem Feigenbaum. Goran Vojnović will be presenting the new translation at the Frankfurt Book Fair (see our Frankfurt Book Fair programme) and Buch Wien (more info in our next newsletter).

Book 1 of the graphic novel The Mexicans by the author Marijan Pušavec and the illustrator Zoran Smiljanić (translation: Erwin Koestler) has been published by Austrian Bahoe Books under the title Die Mexikaner and will be presented at Buch Wien this November. The following four books from the collection are due in the next two years.

A contemporary Comic-Adaption of a classic novel by Ivan Cankar, adapted by Igor Šinkovec and Žiga X Gombač was published in German translation by Artikel-VII-Kulturverein für Steiermark. The translators, Erwin Köstler and Karin Almasy, will be presenting the book at Buch Wien.

Manica Musil’s children’s book Theo der Elefant was just published by Swiss Baeschlin Verlag (translation: Ursula P. Černe).

A portrait of the internationally acclaimed Slovenian composer Uroš Rojko by musicologist Leon Stefanija (translation: Lars Felgner) was published by Hollitzer Verlag under the title Sisyphusartig schön.

Three new translations of books by author Evald Flisar have been published recently:

A Swarm of Dust, translated by David Limon and published by Istros Books in association with Peter Owen, UK

Who Can Say Where the Road Goes, translated by Timothy Pogačar and published by Texture Press, USA

My Father’s Dreams, in the first ever Vietnamese translation of Slovenian literature.

Editions Léo Scheer published Luka Novak's sociological and philosophical study of the development of gastronomy titled Phénoménologie de la mayonnaise, which was written in French by the author himself.

We are also expecting German translations  of Mojca Kumerdej’s novel The Harvest of Chronos by Wallstein Verlag (translation: Erwin Koestler) and Anja Golob’s poetry collection Anleitungen zum Atmen (translation Uljana Wolf & Ursula P. Černe) by Editon Korrespondenzen, as well as the Italian translation (done by Patrizia Raveggi) of the Slovenian modern classic Vitomil Zupan (Minuet for Guitar), which will be published by Voland Edizioni shortly.

There are also two new Spanish translations coming up: Aleš Šteger's Absolution (Arlequin Publishing House, Mexico) and Selected Poems (Circulo de Poesia Ediciones, Mexico), both translated by Pablo Fajdiga. We are also expecting a Chinese translation of his essay-collection Berlin, translated by Lizhen Liang and published by East China Normal University Press.