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  • Stavba JAK-spredaj

About us

The Slovenian Book Agency is a body governed by public law established by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia.

In accordance with the Act Establishing the Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Book the field of books includes

  • the provision of conditions for the publication of books and magazines in the fields of literature and the humanities and conditions for the work of authors in the fields of literature and the humanities,
  • translations of works by Slovenian authors,
  • international cooperation in the field of books,
  • literary festivals and events,
  • the development of the bookshop network,
  • the development of reading culture,
  • book, author and reading promotion,
  • the coordination of all the links in the book chain,
  • additional professional training in the field of books,
  • the public lending right and
  • computerisation in the field of books.


The Agency carries out professional, development and executive tasks related to the implementation of strategic documents and directives in the field of books as well as activities promoting development in the field of books and other tasks in the public interest provided by law. Their purpose is to provide lasting conditions for the development of the field of books and make professional and independent decisions on the selection of programmes and projects financed from the national budget.

Founding principles

The Slovenian Book Agency was founded on the principles of providing conditions for high-quality creativity in the fields of literature and the humanities and conditions for an increased accessibility of Slovenian books, a increased awareness of the importance of books and reading in the development of the individual and society, and a greater international recognition of Slovenian authors in the fields of literature and the humanities.