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23. 02. 2021

Announcement of Three Public Calls for Foreign Publishers

Slovenian Book Agency announces three public calls for foreign publishers, which are going to open on Friday, 5 March 2021.

The calls in question are:

  • JR3-TRUBAR-2021: Call for applications for funding of cultural projects to co-finance the printing costs of translations of original Slovene works in foreign languages for the year 2021, open 5 March–23 April;
  • JR5-P-2021: Call for Proposals for the translations into foreign languages for the year 2021, open 5 March–9 April;
  • JR6-INJ-2021: Call for Proposals for the translation and publication of books by Slovenian authors in the German language for the year 2021, open 5 March–23 April.

The public calls documentation will be available on

Contact persons for the calls:

- JR3-TRUBAR-2021 and JR5-P-2021: Katja Stergar,, tel: +386 1 369 58 27,

- JR6-INJ-2021: Anja Kovač,, tel: +386 1 230 05 75.