Slovenia - Frankfurt Guest of Honour Candidate
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Tenders and Public Calls

Database of Translations

Presentation Materials

Quality information materials are crucial to presenting Slovenian literature abroad. The materials have to be diverse in scope and content and encompass all agents in the field of books with comprehensive information about authors, translators, publishers, official institutions, etc.

Catalogues of authors, illustrators and publishers

Our presentation materials in English language range from catalogues of children's books authors, illustrators, fiction authors to directories of Slovenian publishers.

Slovenia: Its Publishing Landscape and Readers

An informative brochure for foreign publishers and all other interested audience.

Video materials

Slovenian Book Agency produced a short video about five Slovenian female authors in 2019. The video about Anja Golob, Ana Schnabl, Anja Mugerli, Nataša Kramberger and Katja Perat is available in Slovenian and German version with English subtitles.

Slovenian author flyers

The four-page flyers in English or German present an author's work or body of works. The flyers are made for authors participating in the programme at the Leipzig Book Fair organised by the Slovenian Book Agency and institutions with which the Agency cooperates, and for authors featured at the international translation seminar.

Sample translation booklets

The collection of sample translations of works by the selected authors is the result of the international Slovenian literature translation seminar. The booklets contain a biography of the author and an outline of their body of works, an excerpt of the work in translation and translations by the participants of the translation seminar, along with their biographies and contact information. The booklets additionally feature information about the forms of co-financing provided by the Slovenian Book agency and the Trubar Foundation with contact information.

Individual sample translations

The presented texts are projects co-financed through the public tenders and calls of the Slovenian Book Agency and texts co-financed by the Slovenian Book Agency and other related institutions for the purpose of international presentations of Slovenian authors. and official institutions - apprising them of Slovenian literature and forms of co-financing, and providing assistance with international competitions etc.