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Tenders and Public Calls

Database of Translations

Expert committees

Expert committee for book and magazine production in the field of literature and the humanities

Milček Komelj, Ph.D., Chairman of the Committee
Darja Pavlič, Ph.D., Deputy Chairman of the Committee
Igor Grdina, Ph.D.
Seta Knop, Ph.D.
Matevž Kos, Ph.D.
Urška Perenič, Ph.D.

Expert committee for the international promotion of Slovenian literature and the humanities

Marjeta Lavrič / Chair of the committee /

dr. Amalija Maček

Vesna Kondrič Horvat 

Peter Rak


Expert committee for literary events and reading culture 

Sabina Fras Popović Ph.D,  Chairwoman of the Committee
Igor Saksida Ph.D, Deputy Chairman of the Committee
Tina Kozin, Member
Vesna Mikolič Ph.D, Member