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Growing Up with a Book

"Growing Up with a Book" is a national project for the promotion of reading culture. Its purpose is to motivate students of the last three years of primary school and secondary school student to read young adult literature by Slovenian authors and to encourage them to visit general public libraries. The project was first carried out by the Ministry of Culture in the school year 2006/2007, initially only in primary schools. When it was founded in 2009, the Slovenian Book Agency took over the management of the project.

Growing Up with a Book is carried out in cooperation with general public libraries, Slovenian primary and secondary schools, primary schools with an adapted programme, educational establishments for children and young people with special needs and primary and secondary bilingual schools in neighbouring countries (Austria, Hungary, Italy). We also cooperate with teachers of Slovenian at so-called Saturday schools (America, Australia), at supplementary Slovenian classes abroad (Belgium, BiH, Serbia, Croatia, France, etc.) and at European schools (Brussels, Luxemburg, Frankfurt, etc.).

The aims of the national project “Growing Up with a Book” are:

  • to increase the accessibility of quality and original Slovenian young adult literature,
  • to promote acclaimed Slovenian authors of young adult literature,
  • to encourage students to read and visit general public libraries,
  • to encourage publishers to include more contemporary Slovenian authors in their publishing programmes for young adults and to increase the share of published Slovenian young adult literature.

How is the project conducted

The project Growing Up with a Book is a joint effort of the Slovenian Book Agency, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Pionirska - Centre for Youth Literature and Librarianship at the Ljubljana City Library, the National Education Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, the Slovenian Public Libraries Association, the School libraries section at the Slovenian Library Association, the Society of School Librarians and the Slovene Writers' Association.

Initial preparations for the project, which coincides with the school year, start in spring with a public tender whereby the responsible expert committee selects two works from the young adult literary works applying - one for seventh grade primary school students and one for first year secondary school students.

Every year two different works are selected. The working group then prepares detailed information on the implementation of the project for schools and librarians, as well as the promotional materials and film presentations for both works in cooperation with the publishers and authors.

The official launch of the project Growing Up with a Book is every year on 8th September, the International Literacy Day. It is then that the selected books are delivered to all general public libraries in Slovenia.

All primary school and secondary school students receive their copy of the selected book on a visit to their nearest general public library organised for this occasion and which is part of the curriculum. In addition to receiving the book the visit also informs students about library and information science, the latest in Slovenian young adult literature and the selected book and its author. During the school year meetings of students and the authors of the selected books also take place in several schools across Slovenia, in the neighbouring countries and elsewhere around the world, and presentation video-materials are produced. These presentations are co-financed by the Slovenian Reading Badge Society - Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth and the Slovene Writers' Association. In addition, the Agency has for a number of years cooperated with the Basketball Federation of Slovenia to promote reading.

You can read the article about national project Growing up with a book, with the title ENCOURAGING YOUNG PEOPLE TO READ, published in Slovenian information magazin SinfO (September-October 2016).

Selected books by school year

School year Primary School Students Secondary School Students
2020/2021 Mate Dolenc: How Long Can Time Take (Kako dolg je čas) Igor Karlovšek: Survival (Preživetje)
2019/2020 Janja Vidmar: Elvis Stork, a Genius Klutz (Elvis Škorc, genialni štor) Cvetka Sokolov: In a Wrong Story (V napačni zgodbi)
2018/2019 Nataša Konc Lorenzutti: The Three OClock Bus (Avtobus ob treh) Suzana Tratnik: No Voice (Noben glas)
2017/2018 Miha Mazzini: The Stars Are Waiting, young adult fiction (Zvezde vabijo, mladinsko leposlovje) Lučka Kajfež Bogataj, Izar Lunaček: The Planet that Doesnt Grow, an educational book (Planet, ki ne raste, poučna knjiga)
2016/2017 Vinko Möderndorfer: Whale on a Beach (Kit na plaži) Marjana Moškrič: Dreams of a White Štrped (Sanje o belem štrpedu)
2015/2016 Damijan Šinigoj: Looking for Eve (Iskanje Eve) Andrej Rozman Roza, Damijan Stepančič: Animal Farm (Živalska kmetija)
2014/2015 Slavko Pregl: The Expedition of the Green Dragon (Odprava zelenega zmaja) Suzana Tratnik: My Name is Damjan (Ime mi je Damjan)
2013/2014 Vinko Möderndorfer: Like in a Movie (Kot v filmu) Goran Vojnović: Yugoslavia, My Country (Jugoslavija, moja dežela)
2012/2013 Tadej Golob: The Golden Tooth (Zlati zob) Cvetka Bevc: The Mighty Ten (Desetka)
2011/2012 Desa Muck: Deadly Serious about School (Blazno resno o šoli) Andrej Rozman Roza: Selected Rozas Poems in Action (Izbrane rozine v akciji)
2010/2011 Tone Pavček: May Poems (Majnice, fulaste pesmi) Slavko Pregl: Trouserless Geniuses (Geniji brez hlač)
2009/2010 Dušan Čater: Come with Me (Pojdi z mano) /
2008/2009 Ervin Fritz: Crows (Vrane) /
2007/2008 Slavko Pregl: School Report (Spričevalo) /
2006/2007 Neli Kodrič: On the other Side (Na drugi strani) /