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Subsidies for translation and publication costs of Slovenian authors

The main form of international promotion is the co-financing of translations from Slovenian into other languages, including adult fiction, children’s and young adult fiction and essayistic and critical works on culture and the humanities, theatre plays and comics. Applicants can only be legal persons (publishing houses). The subsidy covers up to 100% of the translation costs.

In light of Slovenia’s role as a Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2022 a special tender for translations into German language has been introduced in 2017. This subsidy can cover all types of costs connected with the book publication and promotion.

Next deadlines:

May 2021 (publications in German language)

May 2021 (translations into all other languages)


Subsidy for printing costs

As of 2020 foreign publishers can apply for subsidies for printing costs for translations of Slovenian authors. Applicants can only be legal persons (publishing houses, theatres). 

This year the call for proposals will be open until the funds are used or by 15th September the latest. 


Mobility grants for Slovenian authors

Another form of international promotion is the public tender for mobility grants. The applicant can be a Slovene author (or translator, editor, rights agent) who has been invited to a literary or industry event abroad. The application must be enclosed with an invitation to and the program of the event. The subsidy covers up to 100% of eligible travel expenses.

There are two calls per year covering trips throughout the year.


For more information:

T: +386 1 369 58 20

E: katja.stergarping@jakrspong.si (subsidies for translations and printing costs)

E: anja.kovacping@jakrspong.si (subsidy for German translations and mobility grants)