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Translation seminar of Slovenian literature – springboard for translators from Slovenian into foreign languages

13 translators from 9 countries took part in the 9th Translation Seminar of Slovenian Literature between 17 and 22 August in Slovenia’s second largest city Maribor. The translators worked on three books by Slovenian authors: a bestselling criminal novel The Lake by Tadej Golob, an autofiction novel Commensurate Acres (A tale from the Seed Calendar) by Nataša Kramberger and a children’s book Mici, the Little Monster by Majda Koren.

Four days of intensive programme included translating selected excerpts from the books and lectures by a translating expert, Dr. Štefan Vevar, editor at Mladinska knjiga publishing house, Andrej Ilc, professor of Slovenian literature at the Ljubljana Faculty of Arts, Dr. Alojzija Zupan Sosič, and the director of the Slovenian Book Agency, Renata Zamida. In the evenings, after the working part of the programme, the translators explored the city and its surrounding and met the three authors. On the last day of the seminar they visited Ljubljana and met the group of fellows.

The seminar, which was organised by the Slovenian Book Agency and the Slovenian Association of Literary Translators, is a valuable opportunity for translators to learn about contemporary Slovenian literature and translation practices, but also to get to know Slovenia and thus better understand the cultural background of translated works. In nine years since the first seminar more than 100 translators took part and a vast majority of them are now expert translators into most world languages.

Full list of 2019 participants:

Jie Bao (China), Paula Braga Šimenc (Rumania), Jelena Budimirović (Serbia), Martina Clerici (Italy), Boštjan Dvořák (Germany), María Florencia Ferre (Argentina), Darko Ilin (Serbia), Liza Japelj Carone (France), Žana Perkovska (Russia), Timothy Pogačar (USA), Patrizia Raveggi (Italy), Lucia Gaja Scuteri (Italy) and Evgenija Shatko (Russia).

More photo impressions here.