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Every Story Matters – the Slovenian Book Agency cooperates in a new international project

Every Story Matters (ESM), supported by the EU Creative Europe programme, is a project that consists of a close collaboration between 6 European partners from Flanders (Belgium), Slovenia, the Netherlands, Croatia, Germany and Portugal, who wish to increase the creation, availability and promotion of inclusive books for children and young adults in the EU and by doing so engage a broader and more diverse reading audience. The Slovenian partner of the project, which started on September 1 and will last until the end of 2022, is the Slovenian Book Agency.

The project aims to nurture the cultural sensitivity of all young European citizens, while also handing book professionals (e.g. publishers, librarians, …) the tools and strategies needed to become more inclusive. ESM wants to stimulate the creative potential of talents who are traditionally left out of scope through a talent development programme. This programme will guide authors and illustrators to generate inclusive content that will be pitched to publishers at international book fairs (Frankfurt, Bologna) in order to share their stories with the world.

The first step has already been done: the leading partner in the project, Flemish Literature Fund, developed a charter that presents effective and endurable ways to reach writers and illustrators as well as readers from minority groups. The English translation of the charter and the project itself will be presented for the first time at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2020 at a B2B meeting of children’s books publishers, organised by the Slovenian Book Agency. In three years a series of different activities all around Europe will take place with the results being presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2022, in Slovenia’s guest of honour year.