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A Book's Journey

A Book's Journey - from the author to the reader, is a representation of the process of a book coming into existence. A short story in comic-book form written by Žiga X. Gombač and illustrated by David Krančan guides us into the world of books accompanied by a likeable hero, The Bookworm. The first presentation of "A Book's Journey" was staged in cooperation with influential stakeholders from the book production industry that attended the 2016 Cultural Bazaar.

In collaboration with the Slovenian Reading Society (BDS), the Slovenian Book Agency (JAK RS) launched a brochure and posters guiding us through "A Book's Journey" through individual conceptual topics:

  •  A BOOK'S BIRTH - presentation of individual authors, publishers, prints, e-books;
  • BOOK MEETS READER - presentation of individual bookstores and libraries;
  • HEAD OVER HEELS IN BOOKS - acquainting readers with book promotion tools, book promotion campaigns, and related activities, awards and projects;
  • EMBRACED BY WORDS - meetings between book producers and readers or "How The Bookworm finds its nest".

"A Book's Journey" is also supported by a travelling poster exhibition. The poster exhibition is accessible to schools, libraries and other interested institutions throughout Slovenia.