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11 Translators and 3 Days of Intensive Work – the Slovene-German Translation Seminar 2018

Between 21st and 24th November the Slovenian Association of Literary Translators along with the Slovenian Book Agency organised a specialised translation seminar for translators from Slovene into German language. Eleven participants gained insight into the current state of Slovenian contemporary literature and the possibility to work with Slovenian authors, critics, publishers, lecturers and other agents in the field of books.

The translators worked with mentors and experts on three different texts: a novel by a young Slovenian poet and writer Katja Perat titled The Masochist (Beletrina, 2018) and two children’s books by Peter Svetina, How Mr. Feliks Entered a Bicycle Race (Miš, 2016) and Prayers from a Stairway (Mladinska knjiga, 2016). They met the authors, visited the Slovenian book fair and also met up with the group of international publishers of children’s and YA books who were taking part in a fellowship organised by the Slovenian Book Agency.

The seminar is a source of high-quality translations and provides valuable information for translators from the Slovene into German language, who will be quite sought-after in the next few years as our Guest of Honour appearance at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2022 project approaches. It is an addition to the yearly translation seminar for translators from Slovene into foreign languages, which takes place every summer since already 8 years. A valuable list of quality translators is available to foreign publishers as a result of the translation seminars.