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2020 was the year when everything moved online – so did Slovenian literature. Here is a selection of the most interesting interviews, videos and talks with Slovenian authors:

Katja Perat is a Slovenian poet and writer currently living in the USA. Her debut novel Masochist was recently published by Istros Books in Great Britain. On this occasion the author talked to the translator Michael Biggins – watch the full talk in English here.

Nataša Kramberger is a former EUPL winner. A German translation of her latest novel Commensurate Acres is coming up in 2021 at Verbrecher Verlag. This year she is one of artists in residence at Villa Concordia in Bamberg, where she gave this interview in English and German.

Avgust Demšar (pseudonym) is one of the two most popular Slovenian crime novel writers. So far he has written ten crime novels and there is a TV series based on three of these novels coming up in January. A short video portrait of Avgust Demšar with English subtitles is available here.

Jela Krečič is a Slovenian author and philosopher, whose first novel was recently published in Serbian by Laguna (translated by Jelena Budimirović). On this occasion the author talked to Nevena Milojević from Laguna publishing house – watch the full talk in English here.

Alma M. Karlin (1889-1950) was a writer and the first female traveller to travel the world alone and without any financial support but her own work - in 1920s! After being almost forgotten for half a century, her life and work are being rediscovered lately thanks to her biographers and publishers. One of them is Jerneja Jezernik, who recently wrote and published the first Karlin-biography originally written in German language:Alma M. Karlin: Mit Bubikopf und Schreibmaschine um die Welt (Drava Verlag, 2020). The book was presented by Erika Hornbogner (Drava Verlag) in the frame of the Donau Lounge 2020. Excerpts from the book were read by Claudia Carus. 

Watch the presentation hereand listen to the excerpts part I and part II. All videos are in German.