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Database of Translations

New Translations of Slovenian Authors and New Deals

Find out which Slovenian titles have recently been published in other languages and which are coming up in the next year.

New books

Katja Perat’s novel Mazohistka / The Masochist has two new translations:

  • It was published by Geopoetika in Serbia under the title Mazohistkinja (translated by Ivan Antić) and
  • it was published by Istros books in Great Britain under the title The Masochist (translated by Michael Biggins).

Goran Vojnović has no less than three new translations:

  • his second novel Jugoslavija, moja dežela / Jugoslavia, my Fatherland was published by Typotex in Hungary under the title Jugoszlávia, édes hazám (translated by Emese Rajsli).
  • His latest novel Figa / The Fig Tree has been published by Sedno in Poland under the title Figa (translated by Joanna Pomorska) and in Great Britain by Istros books under the title The Fig Tree (translated by Olivia Hellewell).

A Slovenian classic, novel Prišleki / The Newcomers by Lojze Kovačič (1928-2004) was published by La nave di Teseo in Italy under the title Il bambino in esilio. I migranti, volume 1 (translated by Martina Clerici).

A poetry collection Plast za plastjo / Layer by Layer by Petra Kolmančič was recently published by Albert publishing house in Czech Republic under the title (Pro)past za (pro)pastí (translated by Petr Mainuš).

Sopra il cielo sotto la tera is the Italian title of the poetry collection Nad nebom pod zemljo / Above the Sky beneath the Earth by Aleš Šteger. It was translated by Michele Obit and published by Passigli Poesia.

Lila Prap, a best-selling Slovenian children’s books author recently got a few new Chinese translations published at Magic Elephant Books (part of Guangxi Normal University Press). The books were translated directly from Slovenian by Bao Jie.

Desa Muck, also best-selling Slovenian YA author, recently got a translation into Bulgarian. Her book Lažniva Suzi / The Lying Suzy was published by Matcom.

Majda Koren's  Skuhaj mi pravljico / Cook me up a Fairytale! was just published by Nar Publishing in Turkey.

Manica Musil's Lev Robi was published by Baeschlin Verlag in Switzerland under the title Gregor der Löwe. The book was translated by Alexandra Zaleznik.


New Deals


Veronika Simoniti: Ivana pred morjem /Ivana in front of the Sea was sold to Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, China and Fraktura / Croatia – Novel of the Year Award!

Suzana Tratnik: Norhavs na vrhu hriba / Madhouse on the Hilltop was sold to Mali Verlag, Austria.

Goran Vojnović: Jugoslavija, moja dežela / Yugoslavia, my Fatherland was sold to Kutu Publishing, Turkey. – Novel of the Year Award!

Goran Vojnović: Figa / The Fig Tree was sold to Casa cartii da stiinta, Rumania. – Novel of the Year Award!

Ana Schnabl: Mojstrovina / Masterpiece was sold to Partizanska knjiga, Serbia.

Several titles by one of the most translated Slovenian authors, Evald Flisar, were sold. Novel Look through the Window will be published by Nirala Publications, New Delhi, Dar El-Kalema, Cairo, Ibis Grafika, Croatia, and Horizon, Great Britain. His novel Words above Clouds was sold to Graha Cendekia, Indonesia. Sampark from Kolkata, India, bought two titles: Collector of Dreams and Alice in Crazyland.



Dr. Aleš Gabrič: V senci politike / In the Shadow of Politics was sold to Srednja Evropa publishing house, Croatia.


Graphic novel

Samira Kentrić: Balkanalije / Balcanalia was sold to Jacoby & Stuart, Germany.


Children's and YA books

Nataša, Valentin in Gregor Bucik’s Misleca / Thinkers was sold to Mini Acorn, Taiwan.

Gaja Kos in Ana Zavadlav’s  Obisk / The Visit was sold to Hagzhou Zhuochuang Cultural Media, China.

Huiquin Wang: Mala Alma / Little Alma, the story of the world traveller Alma M. Karlin, was sold to Srednja Evropa, Croatia.

Marta Bartolj’s wordless picture book Kje si? / One Small Kindness(White Ravens Catalogue 2019!) was sold to Sowonnamu publishing, South Korea.

Peter Svetina: Modrost nilskih konjev / Hippopotamus Wisdom was sold to Más Pimienta!, Spain and Uruguai.

Jana Bauer’s best-selling book about the Scary Fairy Groznovilca in divja zima / Scary Fairy and the Wild Winter was sold to Más Pimienta! (Spain and Uruguay), and to V. Books - XXI. Ltd. (Ukraine), whereas the first part of the book Groznovilca v Hudi hosti / Scary Fairy in Wicked Wood was sold to Curtea Veche (Rumania), Aminori (Latvia), Graha Cendekia, Indonesia, and Logos Pattambi, Kerala, India.

Ida Mlakar's Tu blizu živi deklica / Close to Here was sold to Fondo de Cultura Economica (Mexico) and Verlagsgruppe Beltz (Germany).