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Newest Issue of SINFO Magazine – Dedicated to Slovenian Literature

The Government Communication Office of the Republic of Slovenia has published a new issue of SINFO magazine. SINFO – SLOVENIAN INFORMATION is a bimonthly promotional magazine published in English. It features news from Slovenia on culture, science, business, sports and tourism. The newest issue (September/October 2016) was composed in collaboration with the Slovenian Book Agency (JAK) and is dedicated entirely to Slovenian literature.

Newest Issue of SINFO Magazine – Dedicated to Slovenian Literature

The Slovenian Book Agency (JAK) is currently also in the process of establishing an e-newsletter in English and Slovenian. The newsletter is scheduled to be sent to subscribers four times per year. The envisaged newsletter is part of a Slovenian Book Agency (JAK) campaign to increase awareness about and raise the level of interest in Slovenian literature, Slovenian authors, as well as the Slovenian literary and cultural sphere. The newsletter will also feature content published in SINFO magazine. Representatives of the Slovenian Book Agency (JAK) will distribute the newest issue of SINFO among our business partners at international book-promoting events and book fairs, starting with the upcoming Frankfurt Book Fair 2016 in October.

As noted, SINFO magazine is generally published in English, with the exception of assorted articles that are also translated into Slovene. The focus of the September-October 2016 issue is on various areas of Slovenian literature. The magazine features pieces on a string of acclaimed male (B. Pahor, L. Kovačič, M. Mazzini, G. Vojnović) and female (Alma Karlin, Maja Haderlap, Ana Pepelnik, Anja Golob) Slovenian authors, a feature article on world-renowned philosopher Slavoj Žižek, and detailed articles about the national projects Rastem s knjigo (Growing with a Book) and Bralna značka (Reading Badge); which is oriented towards motivating primary, lower secondary and upper secondary students to explore the joys of reading; and about Slovenia's most important international literature-specific event, the Vilenica International Literary Festival, organized by the Slovene Writers' Association (DSP).

The September-October 2016 issue of SINFO magazine (in English and with selected articles translated into Slovene) is available at: