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Tenders and Public Calls

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The aims of our activities in field of publishing are to support the publication of quality book and magazine programmes and co-finance projects in the fields of literature and the humanities, provide conditions for the creativity of authors and an increased accessibility of quality books and magazines. Other important aims are to promote the development of electronic publishing, increase the accessibility of electronic books and magazines on all platforms and reduce the tax rate on electronic books.

Measures to achieve the above aims

  • co-financing the publication of books for children, young adults and adults in the fields of literature and the humanities through one- or multi-year public tenders,
  • co-financing the publication of magazines in the fields of culture, literature and the humanities, particularly the publication of magazines for children and young adults with cultural content, through one- or multi-year public tenders,
  • co-financing more comprehensive multi-year book projects through a multi-year public tender,
  • co-financing the publication of electronic books (converting printed editions into established e-pub formats),
  • awarding grants, selecting contractors to award grants under the public lending right, implementing the public lending right and setting minimum royalties.

Vlasta Vičič is the expert adviser on this field.